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  • 7 years ago

The presentation of the new feature of Horus R.E. website which allows you to visit the properties directly from the website without the need to physically go there.
real estate virtual tour
While the decision to choose to purchase a property, especially for residential purposes, a house to live in, there are many assessments to be done, not only the selling price, us of Horus R.E. know and also through this website allow you to evaluate your chances are visiting new home through the Internet.

In fact, besides providing detailed textual descriptions of any property for sale presented in the web site, provide an overview regarding the number of rooms, square footage and all the rest in the Horus R.E. website you can see through a map where are the properties presented.

Already as they do most of the websites where real estate for sale or for rent for residential, commercial or investment is presented, with the features of the website of Horus R.E. mentioned a moment ago, you can make an idea that you can buy property at this point you can only do one thing: to visit it.

To visit a building need to take the time, and probably have to visit more than one more before finding the “perfect”, especially if it is a house where you want to live, thanks to the virtual tours the Horus R.E. website We save you time and you will be able to view properties directly from your home thanks to the internet.

Real Estate Virtual Tours

Thanks to this technology nowadays, a bit like Google does with its virtual tours of places of interest or to the shops in the Horus R.E. website you take virtual tours of real estate properties.

The virtual tours of real estate held in the Horus R.E. website are extremely easy to see, are present in the inserctions of the properties below the text description:
virtual tours properties inserction
After clicking the virtual tour of this property in the board it will open in the same window in order to allow you to view the property in comfort and without moving.

Surely the functionality of the virtual tours that we have added to this website we believe there may be further useful as not all properties we offer are in Trento, in the province or in Trentino Alto Adige is a nice amenity that we offer.

At the time when this article is published in the various inserctions are constantly updating and virtual tours are gradually added, so do not make the case if there were not, come back later to visit the property page that interests you if you so it was.

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