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The Property Finder figure originated in the United States in the early 90s to meet the increasingly personalized needs of the real estate clients. Over the years this figure has been established in Canada, Australia and in Europe. In Italy, it is known as Home Hunter, Hunter Flat, Property Hunter and also, using a very Italian expression, “Cacciatore di Immobili”.

Horus RE Property Finders have a deep knowledge of the property market along with an extensive network of relationships rooted in this sector that allow to expand the classic search process. The Property Finder is a professional with expertise in real estate valuation practice, commercial negotiation, sale and rent contracts.

Our professionals are trusted consultants who work in the client’s interest, looking for the best property available on the market that meets the taste, characteristics and budget indicated by the client. They assist the client from the first meeting, where the details of the assignment are defined, until the notarial deed or the lease contract.



The ideal client is a person really motivated to find the dream property but with little time available for the research. The one who needs to find the correct solution but fail due to work and family commitments or consider this activity too demanding and difficult.

The one who lives far away from the chosen zone and do not have a thorough knowledge of the real estate market in the area of interest. The one who fears the pitfalls of the market and bureaucracy, preferring to hire a professional to feel more secure.

While the Property Finder search for the perfect property the client can continue his activities, follow his interests and spend time with the family. Meanwhile, the professional will constantly inform the client on the progress of the research.

The client will thus be able to save his precious time, avoiding investing hours in researching and visiting the wrong properties, and also to save money, because entrusting commercial negotiations to a person who is not directly involved allows to better manage the sale.


Simple, you will have your dream property saving time and money.

  • MEETING: We meet you and listen to your needs to understand the real estate project.
  • SEARCH: We use all our skills and contacts to find the most suitable solution.
  • CHECK: We verify the requirements of building, urban planning and fiscal regularity.
  • CONTRACT: We assist you till the end of the deal, notarial deed or lease.



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