Increase visits by enhancing your property

If you have difficulty selling your house because is taking long and the prices are low, don’t worry too much. Try to focus on the image of the home, making it as appealing and attractive as possible, to speed up the sale and increase the price. This technique, however simple but effective, is Home Staging originated in the American real estate marketing.



Home staging means “Staging the house you want to sell”. Enhancing the property in order to receive the maximum appreciation from possible buyers and then monetizing its value in a short time by making sure, through simple actions, that the home appeals to the greatest number of people.

It is an investment, absolutely not a cost. Thanks to this investment you can save time and, it would seem a paradox, money. Home staging design costs less than the price reduction that the property receives when it has been on sale for too time.



The Horus RE Agency Home stager enters your house and analyzes characteristics and critical issues trying to solve any problems: freeing environments that are too full and suffocating or enriching environments that are too anonymous. Using simple furnishing elements such as cushions, rugs, candles, prints and combining them in the right style and colors, it enhances the character of the home.

The first reaction of the buyer is very important, it is precisely in the first ten seconds after entry that the person unconsciously decides whether the home is right for him or not. It is therefore necessary to impress and amaze by presenting welcoming environments in a comfortable atmosphere by displaying the property as you would for any commercial product, with the perfect packaging.

Unfortunately, Home Staging is not yet a practice adopted by many to increase the speed of sale and the price of a property, this probably because the results it allows to achieve are still not completely clear.

We must never forget that buyers evaluate what they see, they have little imagination and fantasy. The house is sold when it is able to arouse positive emotions welcoming buyers into a warm and inviting home.



Here are some tips from our Home stager to enhance your homes:

  • ORDER AND CLEANING are the keywords, many times a deep cleaning is enough to improve the overall appearance of the house.
  • ELIMINATE ALL ODORS and above all try to use neutral and pleasant fragrances.
  • REMOVE OBJECTS when they suffocate the spaces, such as paintings or personal photos.
  • DEPERSONALIZE THE HOUSE making it neutral to appeal as many buyers as possible.
  • TURN ON THE LIGHTS because bright houses are preferred to dark ones.

Some research has shown that after the first objective skimming, such as location, price and size, the choice to purchase is mainly dictated by emotional factors. The emotional component in choosing a home is therefore crucial, which is why it is essential that visiting our property is associated with pleasant sensations and memories.


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